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Medical Careers in Demand
Planning Your Medical Career starts with becoming knowledgeable about the choice of your medical specialty. This is for anyone pondering a career in medicine or a related health profession. Since the economy for most states is down and many are experiencing a recession. Unemployment is growing and it is causing families to have to work harder to pay the bills. Even with the increase in minimum wage, finding a secure job is becoming more competitive. Qualified candidates are having to learn new skills with online training classes in service based industries. One of those fields is healthcare.
Some of the top medical and health professions include physicians, biomedical researchers, nurses, chiropractors, medical sociologists. The good news is that the aging population is causing a demand for skilled health providers. Areas seeing the most growth is ambulatory sector, outpatient care centers, physicians offices, hospitals, nursing care facilities, and residential mental health. The number of job openings is showing a need for new hires.
Healthcare Employment Projections
The need for workers in the medical field has caused many vocational schools to offer certificates in short training schedules for studies in ophthalmic technology, EMT/paramedic, polysomnographic technology as well as medical assistant training. The benefit is that career changers or individuals who have been recently laid off from their jobs due to downsizing and company closures are able to start a new career in the medical industry.
Home Healthcare Aides Wanted
With more seniors living in their own homes, there is a demand for nurses aids, who can get certification with specialized training for those wanting to get started in the health care professions as emergency medical technicians. It is easier to get hands-on clinical experience from many of the workforce training program.
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Fastest Growing Occupations in Medicine
Registered Nurse
Dental Hyienists
Radiologic and MRI Technologists
Physical Therapist Assistants
Radiation Therapist
Occupational Therapist Assistants
Medical Assistants
Career Ideas
In the field of biological and biomedical sciences students learn about biological chemistry, molecular pharmacology, cancer and cell biology, developmental and regenerative biology, genetics, genomics, Cellular neuroscience, microbiology and immunology. If you choose to stay in these innovative health fields it would be best to explore a online degree with distance learning education.
Ways to Network while in Training
Tip# – While researching your area for local job listings it could help to interview some professionals who are working in the medical specialty you are interested in getting academic lessons for so that they can explain the day to day operations. Before starting a new career you will have the option to get real world experience, and this will help you choose a job that is a perfect fit.
Educational requirements for these health care professions are minimal with only needing certification or an 2-year associates degree which can be completed in a few months to a year. Once credentials are received employers will hire immediately to fill vacant positions, in hospitals, health clinics and medical institutions.
Hard to Fill Positions in Healthcare
Employers are seeing to hire in these areas but are having difficulty due to the lack of graduates with the right skills and experience. This includes jobs such as personal care aids, medical service managers, medical transcription, home health care aids, and physical therapists. As you can see there are plenty of occupations that are needing workers. If you are looking to change careers or need employment in a growing industry then it might be a good idea to check into the medical industry.
Jobs for Workers 50 and older
Those staying in the workforce well after retirement is a good sign for employers looking to hire workers with experience. Job seekers who are over 50 can find plenty of companies looking to give them a second career option. The benefits include flexible work schedules and part-time hours which makes it easier to have work life balance. Here are some of the medical jobs for older workers that you will be interested in having value later in life. Baby boomers can enjoy careers as a Hospice Chaplain, Medical Writer, Healthcare Recruiter, Medical Receptionist, Medical Billing and Coding. As you can see there are a variety of options for older workers looking to find employment in the health industry.
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